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Today's Interview

Andre Beghyn
A&H Mechanical Services
919 Main Street, First Floor
Boonton, NJ 07005

Tom Pisciotta, The Goddard School of Denville

What's the name of your company and what do you do?

A&H Mechanical Services is a heating and cooling contractor and we also offer premium air duct cleaning service.  We offer day and emergency plumbing, heating and cooling service, we also sell and install new furnaces, boilers and central air conditioning.

Who are your typical customers?

Homeowners,  business owners and schools.  We service customers in Morris,Essex, Union and Sussex Counties.

When did you open your business?


What did you do before you opened your business?

We worked in the heating and plumbing business for 10 years working under master plumbers and master HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) contractors.

What inspired you to start this type of business and did you consider another type business before you decided on this?

I wanted to start my own business so I could provide affordable and honest service, something you don't typically see anymore.  There's a lot of honor in owning a business, I want to help people, create jobs and help my customers with their plumbing heating and cooling issues.

I never considered any other type of business when we started but the other business I would like to start would be a gastropub

Is this the first business you ever started?


If you could step in your time machine to go back to when you started and give yourself some advice, what would you say to yourself?

Be patient, don't worry and keep your head up.

What's one big challenge that surprised you when you started your business?

Finding good quality hard working people

What's one business related activity you would spend more time doing each day or week if you could?

Following up with my clients and asking them what I can do better in my business and how I can help service them better and more efficiently,  get customer feedback.

Have you brought a new product or service to the market since you started business?

I did, we started off as a full-service heating and air conditioning company we recently added plumbing and sewer and drain cleaning services to our business within the last year, this is something we've been doing for the last 10 years but we're now fully licensed and able to offer those services.   The challenges were being able to handle the workload of the department and efficiently providing service.

What are your most effective marketing tactics or techniques?

My most effective marketing techniques are working with various different review sites web sites to help get the word out, the people speak and they've done a good job helping us get the word out to tell everybody about our services.

How does the internet impact the way you do business?

The Internet is the only way to grow business.  it's the most effective way to get your business out there,  it's the only way to expand and get your services or whatever you're doing out there and sharing it with other people,  the most effective way.